Cloud-based mapping for disaster response

When disaster strikes, we have to move--and fast. Search-and-rescue teams, first responders, and humanitarian organizations need information in real-time about where they can and can not go. With Alleviair, that information can be provided by anyone and everyone, seamlessly shared across platforms.

Alleviair taps into the power of the public, asking users in times of disaster to text our servers in order to crowdsource vital information about transportation infrastructure. Our machine-learning algorithm analyzes users’ submissions to pair descriptions with easy-to-understand visualizations, accessible via the web or on mobile. Aid organizations can then draw on that shared knowledge to make better decisions about how to get where they’re going, saving time and lives.

You can check out our page for more info about the initial project which was submitted for Angel Hack 2019.

Meet the Team

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Joseph Ngo

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Selina Kim

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Jonathan Sun

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Rohan Pandey

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Miguel Tenant de La Tour